Silver Glen

Monday was spent on and in the water with our friends from WI (after Billy was up until 4:30 that morning getting our friend’s pontoon fixed). A huge thanks to Juan for letting us use his boat, going with us and for dinner!

I only have pictures from on the boat, none from the spring as I haven’t gotten any of the pictures off the water proof camera yet…

In spite of the motor dying several times and Billy having to do some “Nordic rigging” to keep us going, we had a good time.

At the restaurant on our way home, Billy was able to use the joke to witness to a table of elderly couples who commented on our children.

Beach Time

Today was a warm one. The hottest day since we have been down here at 87 degrees. After church, we went with our WI visitors to the beach and everyone had a good time in the waves. It was MUCH cooler I the beach than everywhere else.

There was a lady playing the bagpipes at the beach.

Tree girls for brave enough to the inn the big waves with help from daddy and their adopted uncles.

Didn’t get any good pictures on the playground as they were always on the move, but they enjoyed the playground as much as the actual beach.

An older lady came up to me asking about our children and we had a nice conversation. She mentioned that her husband had skin cancer. When she heard we were from WI she wanted us to meet her husband as he loves Wisconsin. If course we were glad to do so. Billy was able to talk about fully satisfying payment made by Christ’s death, burial, & resurrection and how it can be accessed by putting your faith and trusty in that alone. We was glad to hear that the husband at least agreed. Here he is talking with them.

Sunset on our way home

Work and Play

Our time here in FL is going by SO quickly! We leave in a week and a half!

Last weekend, we had a good visit with our friend Sam from TX. Between church services on Sunday we went to the beach. Our first time at Daytona Beach since we came down!



Billy has been working on our friend’s roof – it’s a big place!

The girls and I continue to enjoy the nice weather for going on walks, playing at the park and it even got warm enough to get our feet in the pool at the house Billy is working on.

The girls beg me to take pictures of the unique mailboxes we see on our walks.

The trial mix I made that keeps us powered.

Looking forward to seeing our families (church and genetic) when we get back in a few weeks! We miss you all!

Daddy has a big roofing job this week. The girls and i enjoyed going on a walk in the neighborhood and the girls were thrilled to find out that there is a playground nearby!

Cleaning off the mold before putting the wood and metal on.

Neat house we passed on our walk


Billy was able to tell the joke and share the gospel with this elderly lady who had prepaid for her fuel and then left before filling up. And the gas station attendant that helped her when she realized her mistake.

A unique moth that visited us in the bus.

The resident gator decided he needed to get some sun after a cold week.

The parts for the loader came in so Billy was able to finish fixing the steering column on this beast.

We were able to sing ‘Lord We Love Our King James Bible’ at a church on Sunday. You can hear it here. (not the greatest picture, but all I could get).


On the way home from church, we stopped to pick some things up at a store and this unique camper pulled up in front of us, so Billy had to go talk to the fellow. Turns out he travels the country sharing the gospel with hikers. And he’s from MN too!

Beef River Bible Conference in April

We are SO excited about the Bible conference that is coming up at our home church in Osseo, WI.  It will be on April 13-15, 2018. Sound Bible teaching, great music and singing, sweet fellowship and nourishing food.  We will have lots of youth and young families as well as grandparents. It is a blessing to see multiple generations assembled to learn the Word!  You can see all the details on the brochure here: BRBConference Brochure

Friday and Saturday evening will be held at this beautiful retreat center and there is very affordable lodging available there as well ($42 per person for the whole weekend).

Beds are limited and will fill up quickly, so register as soon as possible to be sure you will be able to stay at the retreat center.  There are also hotels nearby, but it will be nice for people to be able to stay on location as well as it being more affordable.

Please bring your instruments as there will be time for singing and playing together.  The retreat center is a great place for small group study & games during the free time. It has a large kitchen which will be helpful for those with dietary restrictions.

Billy will be teaching one of the messages as well as several other men from our church and a few from other churches. There will also be a separate women’s session and a men’s session that are more bible study format.

I can’t WAIT!  Hope to see lots of you there!


Airsoft, projects, witnessing

On Saturdays we have been helping out our friend with his Airsoft business. Amazing opportunities have come from this for talking with people about the most important things. Billy visited with a man on Friday for 4 hours. The man had an interesting background having grown up Mormon, then was Jehovah Witness, Sacred Name, and looking into being a Jew. Being familiar with all of this and many other unusual topics that came up, Billy was able to talk with him about the truth and how rightly dividing the Word can clear up all the confusion.

Here are a few pictures from the Airsoft field. It is amazing the getup so many of them have!

On Wednesday we go to the market to get some amazing sourdough bread and have hundreds of people read the verses on the bus. It is phenomenal how many people come to this each week! These pictures are just from one side of the fairgrounds, there is parking on two more sides!

Last week Billy also was able to preach with the megaphone from the top of the bus for those leaving the lot to hear.

This pair of sandhill cranes has been hanging out by us. It has been fun watching their mating dance.

The end of this week we spent in Kissimmee at a goat friend’s place putting a metal roof on a house and shed.

The girls and I enjoyed visiting with the goats and ducks (and my friend Kellie!) while Daddy worked.

The girls appreciated the goats’ play area too.