Last Leg of the Journey

The bus was struggling to make it up the hills in Northern Georgia towing the truck, so we knew it wouldn’t make it through the mountains. We stopped and disconnected the truck and I drove the truck while Billy drove the bus. It was MUCH better!

After we got through TN and into KY, we hooked the truck back up. We saw a little bit of the flooding in Louisville.

On Tuesday night we stopped at Grace Ambassadors in Indiana and had a great visit with the saints there. On our way there, the PMD overheated and the bus quit at a stoplight and would not restart. We didn’t know at first what was wrong. A man with a pickup truck stopped and offered to tow us off the road. We were able to just have Billy get in our truck and push the bus with me at the bus steering wheel to get it to the side of the road. Billy poured water on the PMD to cool it down and we were able to get the bus running again. We had been running the bus all day with only two very short stops. Billy was able to give the gospel to the fellow that stopped to help us, so that was good.

We made it through Chicago without incident. We made it back to the farm before 8pm on Wednesday. It’s good to be back!

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