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Walmart-Logo-pictures-walmart-sign-new-logo16We ended up at Wal-Mart at about 11pm one night after attending a seminar with some friends.  We had carpooled with our friends and were picking up our vehicle. As every one was getting out, a couple fellows walked by and Billy quickly handed them both tracts.  Later, as Billy was waiting outside the restrooms for me, the same two fellows walked up to him and handed him the tracts back. One of them said,  “We did what this said.” “What is it that you did?” Billy replied. They explained that they had never had salvation explained to them and when they read the tracts they knew that is what they needed and decided to trust Christ! Praise the Lord!

Wal-Mart tracts


Keeping scripture on your vehicle opens many doors of opportunity. We had camped in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and as we were getting ready to get back on the road, a fellow came up to the window and asked us, “Do you pray for people?” Billy was able to talk with him for a good while and make the gospel clear. And that even though the man thought he had done too much evil, Billy was able to share how the Apostle Paul, who was a murderer,  killing Christians, was able to be saved and how if he would put his trust in Christ, he could be saved as well. This brought a big smile to the man’s face. Billy gave him a tract and a few websites to look at as well as our phone number in case he had any questions later on.

Verses on Vehicle