The Bus

With the birth of our third daughter, we have outgrown our truck camper (see picture above). We have been talking about a motorhome or converting a bus, but everything we looked at was well out of our price range. While preparing for our FL trip this year, Billy came across a Craigslist ad for this bus below.

Billy figured the time it would take him to get the minor issues on the bus repaired would take less time than building the camper trailer he was working on and fixing the issues on our Sequoia… so, we were able to acquire this bus for just $80 more than we sold a trailer a friend had given us (thank you Paul!).

Billy began working nonstop on the bus to get it ready for the appointed departure time. We had several stops scheduled with people along our route. While he was cleaning a part, a fragile part deep inside the injector pump was damaged. You’d have to ask Billy for details, but it was something about an optical sensor. Most people replace the whole pump ($1200 for it!). Billy was able to find a replacement for the small part, but had to go 100 miles to get it the day before Thanksgiving. Between that and a defective part that the parts store sold us, we were unable to leave when planned. So, instead of leaving the day after Thanksgiving, we are still here!

My next post will show some of the things we have done to get the bus ready to be a travelling gospel billboard.

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