Florida Plans

Winters get cold in WI & MN where we spend the bulk of our time. Billy went to school in FL and purchased a small plot of land there, so every winter we go down there for a few months. Our friends the area are always glad to put Billy to work on various projects, and outdoor work is much easier when it’s not freezing! Plus, people are more likely to stand around and talk about the Bible when it’s not so cold, so witnessing opportunities abound.

It seems that we always get a later start than planned and this year is no different! We planned to attend a friends wedding in southernWI on our way down and do some witnessing with friends in IL, TN, & northern FL, but due to some vehicle issues our departure has been delayed. I will post more about that in my next post.

Witnessing with Sam

Witnessing on the street corner in FL with a friend from TX.

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