Kidding Around

Since getting back to the farm, we have been busy with lots of new life! The above picture was taken yesterday as I sat with Lady in labor. She thankfully didn’t need help delivering her kids and gave us three gorgeous kids!

The first doe who kidded after we came back was a first freshener (her first time having a kid) and ended up needing help. Goats generally get born front feet first with their chin on their front legs in a diving position. I had been watching this doe all day as I knew she was in labor, but when my sister and our 4yr old checked on her after supper, our daughter came running back in yelling, “There is a head out!” “Just a head? No legs?” “No legs! Just a head!” So I bolted outside and helped the doe deliver her kid by reaching in and pulling one of the kid’s legs up and out. After that he was born fine.

We got a lot snow and a ton of wind on Monday, so of course one of the does kidded that day. She had quads, but one was stillborn. Here were the remaining kids. We are giving them wind names as they were born on such a windy day!

Lots more kids to come in the next few weeks. Poor does are getting uncomfortable!

The spotted one on the right is Lady who had the triplets yesterday and that is her dam, Luna next to her.

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