After a good nap, Billy was ready to hit the road. We got on the road only to creep along the freeway at 11 miles am hour due to a bad crash. Having scripture on your vehicle makes delays like this less painful as people can be reading God’s word more because of it!

We had to make a stop to pick up some groceries and found a Trader Joe’s near the Publix, so we had to stop there. It’s the girls favorite store because they like the child sized carts they can push and the stickers the cashier gives them. We took this picture of the bus reflection on our way there.

Heading out of Florida!

We stopped to get some fuel and Billy was able to witness to this group of bikers (although they rejected it, they heard the Word and God can use that!)

He was sharing the gospel with everyone as usual and got distracted, so when he started to fill the tank, he grabbed the wrong nozzle and started to put gas in! He realized his mistake quickly, so only about 3 gallons went in. He added several additives (ask him, I don’t remember what he said he used), and more diesel. It started at first, but then would not start again. 😦 He spent the next 2 hrs looking things up online (thank the Lord for smart phones!), and trying a number of things to get it running again. But with his usual zeal for sharing the gospel with people, he was able to witness to 18 people at this one stop!

After he got the bus running, we had several issues once on the road. It would stop running and we would have to pull over. We did not put on very many miles that day!

We stopped for the night at about 10:30. Billy thought it was a church parking lot, but when we woke up in the morning, we realized it was an elementary school! So all the parents dropping their kids off at school got to read the bus.

We drove/coasted (when the bus died again) to the O’Reilly Auto Parts store nearby. A kind gentleman came out with his code reader so we could know what was wrong. He was thrilled to see the bus and he and Billy had a great Bible conversation while the codes were being read.

A few pictures from a stop at Wal-Mart to get a fuel additive that helped a lot.

There were many beautiful trees in full bloom in Georgia. So pretty!

My sister sent me some pictures of the does that are due soon. Looking forward to getting back to the farm and the birth of the goat kids!

This is Liberty, due on March 6th.

Here are a few pictures of babies from last year:

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