On Our Way!

We originally planned to start heading north on Monday (2/19) and to make several stops with friends. We were unable to complete everything in time so the whole week was spent finishing a couple projects that Billy had (hedge trimming and repair of our friends payloader), putting the tires on the bus and fixing the suspension, getting everything of value out of our property so the reprobate neighbors can’t steal it, and PACKING all the tools and other things we needed to bring back with us.

Trimming the hedges and trees.

Florida birds. Billy was talking with a Catholic fellow for 45 minutes. He had come over to talk with Billy when he saw Billy riding the cart over to the truck. The duck waddled over for a visit as well.

This girl loves her hen!

Getting the bus ready. This was the solution for the blown out airbags that no one had in stock. It’s been working great!

This is the damage the blown out airbags caused and why we needed the new tires:

Billy added a storage compartment under the bus which was MUCH needed.

A few pictures from our walks while we waited for Daddy.

We found goats! There were sheep in the pasture too, but only the goats and donkeys were curious enough to come see us.

We finally finished packing at 5am Sunday morning and got a few hrs driving in before Billy stopped to take a nap.

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