Daytona 500 Witnessing

Our original plan was to head to Daytona to witness on Saturday and Sunday, but we were not able to get everything done that we had to accomplish before we could leave until about 10:30 Saturday night.  We started for Daytona, but as Billy had only gotten about 2 hrs of sleep the night before, he… Continue reading Daytona 500 Witnessing

Airsoft, projects, witnessing

On Saturdays we have been helping out our friend with his Airsoft business. Amazing opportunities have come from this for talking with people about the most important things. Billy visited with a man on Friday for 4 hours. The man had an interesting background having grown up Mormon, then was Jehovah Witness, Sacred Name, and… Continue reading Airsoft, projects, witnessing

30th Annual FL Regional Grace Conference

Thursday Billy spent most of the day working on the bus. Something about the oil cooler. We had been leaking oil and he hadn't had time to work on it until then. Friday morning Billy went to the Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast that he had been asked to speak at. It went very well and he… Continue reading 30th Annual FL Regional Grace Conference