Daddy has a big roofing job this week. The girls and i enjoyed going on a walk in the neighborhood and the girls were thrilled to find out that there is a playground nearby!

Cleaning off the mold before putting the wood and metal on.

Neat house we passed on our walk


Billy was able to tell the joke and share the gospel with this elderly lady who had prepaid for her fuel and then left before filling up. And the gas station attendant that helped her when she realized her mistake.

A unique moth that visited us in the bus.

The resident gator decided he needed to get some sun after a cold week.

The parts for the loader came in so Billy was able to finish fixing the steering column on this beast.

We were able to sing ‘Lord We Love Our King James Bible’ at a church on Sunday. You can hear it here. (not the greatest picture, but all I could get).


On the way home from church, we stopped to pick some things up at a store and this unique camper pulled up in front of us, so Billy had to go talk to the fellow. Turns out he travels the country sharing the gospel with hikers. And he’s from MN too!

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