Beach Time

Today was a warm one. The hottest day since we have been down here at 87 degrees. After church, we went with our WI visitors to the beach and everyone had a good time in the waves. It was MUCH cooler I the beach than everywhere else.

There was a lady playing the bagpipes at the beach.

Tree girls for brave enough to the inn the big waves with help from daddy and their adopted uncles.

Didn’t get any good pictures on the playground as they were always on the move, but they enjoyed the playground as much as the actual beach.

An older lady came up to me asking about our children and we had a nice conversation. She mentioned that her husband had skin cancer. When she heard we were from WI she wanted us to meet her husband as he loves Wisconsin. If course we were glad to do so. Billy was able to talk about fully satisfying payment made by Christ’s death, burial, & resurrection and how it can be accessed by putting your faith and trusty in that alone. We was glad to hear that the husband at least agreed. Here he is talking with them.

Sunset on our way home

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