Getting Settled

Well it’s been a busy week. Setting up camp at our friends place, checking out a few job possibilities, and the usual day-to-day tasks (diapers, food prep & clean up, laundry, naps, nursing, etc).

During the week Billy went to give quotes for a camp that needed some help with repair projects. He will certainly have some interesting conversations with these people as they are building a Hindu Retreat Center.

He also did some work on a friend’s payloader that was broken down.

The girls and I had fun going on walks and doing a little fishing.

Friday Billy went into town for a meeting and to do some errands. As usual he shared the gospel with as many people as he could and figures at least 40 people heard the gospel that day. He talked with one fellow who was wearing a Vietnam hat who turned out to be rather hard of hearing so Billy was able to talk quite loudly for him which allowed many more people to hear.

Saturday we spent helping a friend with his Airsoft business. A good learning experience for sure! We camped at a Wal-Mart closer to the church we planned on going to as it was a pretty long drive to do before 9am… plus, camping at Wal-Mart allows many more people to read the scriptures on the bus!

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