First Weekend in Florida

Saturday was spent talking to the neighbors and the police a little bit more and cleaning up the yard. Got our truck that we towed down parked at a friend’s place as we dare not leave it at our place with such reprobate neighbors. In the evening we headed to Orlando as we planned on visiting a church there in the morning. It was fairly close to downtown, so we couldn’t resist driving around where there were so many eyes to see the scriptures. We couldn’t stop for Billy to preach like he wanted as we had the children along. He hopes to make it down there to preach sometime soon, so if you are in the area and would like to join him, let us know! It worked out great that night as they were having an extra event down on Church Street (lowlife drunkard area), so there were even more people than usual (several hundred at least). After driving around there for 45minutes or so, we headed to the church to sleep. We had a great time fellowshipping with the saints in the morning and then did a bunch of errands afterwards until evening. This week will be spent settling into or camping spot and working on building the kitchen in the bus. The view from the bus uh our new camping spot.

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