Sad FL News

A bit of a rough day. Our 2 year old was pretty sick yesterday with a high fever, but thankfully the fever broke by morning and she feels better now. But it was a typical day after with a sick toddler with fussiness and “hold me momma” which I can’t do while we are on the road.

We made it safely to our place in FL, but we’re saddened to find our locked metal shed cut open and several things taken – at least $2000 worth with just a quick inventory. The fence between our place and the drunkard neighbor is cut with a path from his place to our shed made through the weeds… we had the police come, but they said there is not much they can do unless we have serial numbers on the stolen things (we don’t). Said the neighborhood is not bad with mostly decent people, but that there are a few bad apples with several drug houses around. He said the neighbors had broken into someone else’s house nearby too. And that they have arrested a lot of people for drugs around there. The man who lived on the other side of us used to watch over the place for us, but he died, so I guess the bad neighbors figured they could get away with it.
Staying at Wal-Mart tonight & have a friend who has been wanting us to come set up camp at his property out of town, so will likely stay there most of our time down here.

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