We have been in Pensacola this week.

Sunday we visited two churches and took a walk on the beach between services.

The girls had a blast picking up shells. Chickie wasn’t too sure about the beach, but was glad for a chance to run around freely. We saw a sting ray in the water just a couple feet into the water and a heron landed on the beach just about 8 feet from us!

On Monday, we spent the day working on the bus – sealing up some potential leaks on the roof, making blackout curtains, organizing some of the things that we didn’t have time to do before we left, etc.

Tuesday, we were able to visit some friends that are attending Pensacola Christian College.

We were able to attend chapel with them. I think we were all amazed at the number of people there!

In the afternoon, Naomi was able to go witnessing in Pensacola with us for a few hours. We went to a mall near the campus. As soon as we pulled up, we saw a pair of Mormon fellows walking across the parking lot. Billy hurried over and was able to have a good conversation with them and gave them the “Have You Believed Another Gospel” tract which is the one Billy read years ago that showed him how to be saved. They gave him their phone number so he can talk with them later too.

We handed out tracts and Billy talked with a lot of people in the mall. A pair of Mexican ladies came up to me because they saw our baby and were oohing and ahhing over her. Naomi speaks Spanish quite well and was able to have a good conversation about the gospel in Spanish with them and give them Spanish tracts.

After bringing Naomi back to campus and making supper, we had a great visit with our friend Sarah there.

Wednesday two of us woke up with bad colds. We picked up a part for the bus and planned on doing some work on it (the turbo hadn’t been running and there were two other parts Billy wanted to put on). We needed to get drinking water and ice, so stopped at a Wal-Mart before putting the parts on… ended up with a 4hr conversation with a fellow that thinks he is Moses! Long story there that’s not really worth the effort of writing.

After Billy finally got back from talking with that fellow, I went into the store with our oldest to get a few things for fighting the sickness. When checking out, the lady in line in front of us told the cashier, “I’m going to pay for their things.” I told her she didn’t need to do that and she insisted saying, “something just told me to do it.”

After finally leaving Wal-Mart (it was 8:00 and we’d been there since 1:30!), we headed out of Pensacola. We stayed last night at anther Wal-Mart.

Today was spent on taking care of one sick little one and Billy installed the parts that he didn’t get to yesterday.

Billy roller bladed to the parts store to get the crank shaft seal he found out was needed after he took things apart.

Hoped to be able to put on several hundred miles today, but looking like we won’t get too far.

Oh, I forgot one funny thing that happened yesterday while we were at that Wal-Mart forever… a van of people pulled up and they said “Do you just travel around everywhere? We’ve seen you all over town!” This bus sure did get read as it felt like we DID drive all over that town!

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