Airsoft, projects, witnessing

On Saturdays we have been helping out our friend with his Airsoft business. Amazing opportunities have come from this for talking with people about the most important things. Billy visited with a man on Friday for 4 hours. The man had an interesting background having grown up Mormon, then was Jehovah Witness, Sacred Name, and looking into being a Jew. Being familiar with all of this and many other unusual topics that came up, Billy was able to talk with him about the truth and how rightly dividing the Word can clear up all the confusion.

Here are a few pictures from the Airsoft field. It is amazing the getup so many of them have!

On Wednesday we go to the market to get some amazing sourdough bread and have hundreds of people read the verses on the bus. It is phenomenal how many people come to this each week! These pictures are just from one side of the fairgrounds, there is parking on two more sides!

Last week Billy also was able to preach with the megaphone from the top of the bus for those leaving the lot to hear.

This pair of sandhill cranes has been hanging out by us. It has been fun watching their mating dance.

The end of this week we spent in Kissimmee at a goat friend’s place putting a metal roof on a house and shed.

The girls and I enjoyed visiting with the goats and ducks (and my friend Kellie!) while Daddy worked.

The girls appreciated the goats’ play area too.

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