Anytime there is a plan to do something in outreach that has the potential to have a large impact, we see resistance. Today was no different! Billy and a friend are planning to head down to a rough part of the city tonight where there will be a lot of people for New Years Eve and do some street preaching, singing and talking with people down there. The day has not gone smoothly! Started with a short in the electrical of our friends shop which prevented his cash register from working. We were able to run the generator to get that running while Billy tried to figure out what was wrong with the wiring. Then the card reader wasn’t working, so took me a good while to get that going. When we went to church this evening, we called to double check on the time and the recording said it was at 6, but when we got there we found no one there – apparently they didn’t have an evening service today! At least the 30 mile trip (one way) wasn’t completely in vain as we were able to pick up diapers – we used the last one we had right before we drove into town. At one of our last stops before heading home, one of the bus doors shattered when we opened it!

I guess we know what one of our projects will be tomorrow.

Please pray for Billy and his friend as they witness tonight and also for those that will hear. The area they are going has LOTS of sad people that need the Lord.

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