New Years Eve

Billy and our friend had a great time preaching in Orlando on New Year’s eve. I’ve been wanting to have him give you all a detailed update on the night, but he’s been so busy that he hasn’t had a chance to record it. He has been working on getting some quotes for a few roofing jobs, helping his parents over the phone with some troubleshooting of the office heating units, fixing golf carts for our friend, and preaching on Sunday.

The highlights from NYE that I can recall him telling me well enough to write down are…

  • Talking with 5 Muslim fellows that were very interested in what the scriptures said because it did not match what they had been told
  • A woman with scanty clothing who asked him ‘what do you think about what I’m wearing?’ When Billy kept his eyes fixed on her face instead of letting his eyes wander over her, it commanded respect and he told her that she must think there is something wrong to be asking what he thought of her apparel. And told her that her soul was the important thing and that he cared enough about her to tell her how she can be saved from the wrath of God. She listened and had never thought about many of the things he told her
  • A huge explosion nearby and a wave of panicked people flooding out of the buildings and down the street. Billy wondered if this might end up being his last day on earth and was glad that he could go down preaching. But praise the Lord nothing happened to him! (We still don’t know what the explosion was).
  • A sodomite kicking over our friend’s amplifier speaker and the police watching, but refusing to do anything about it.
  • People yelling at Billy with objections and questions (some serious and some mocking) and he was able to answer them over the amplifier so all could hear (the noise ordinance had been lifted so they were able to use amplification)
  • So many sad, SAD people down there that are hopeless and trying to fill their life with a momentary happiness that never satisfies.

Billy hopes to return to this spot again while we are down here as it is a great spot to find people that are ready to hear. If you are in the Orlando area and would like to join him, let us know! The girls and I don’t go there with him as it is not safe for children, but he likes to have someone go with him for safety. Two are better than one, and there are more ears and eyes than even a half dozen people can reach!

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